Welcome Gamers, Fanboys, and Technophiles!

For the longest time I have been wanting to get this ball rolling, having considered creating my own gamer site, blog, whatever; and, until now, it has been just a preoccupying thought. Finally I have put down the controller and got this off to a modest start.

For those who have followed my blogs and posts on IGN, Gamespot, and 1Up, you know I have some definite opinions and observations about video games and the gaming industry. I am also proud to be in the position of I told you so! on such things as the rise of Blu-Ray over HD discs, etc. In these pages I will be posting everything form commentary and reviews to a journal of my gaming life. I am also going to include my favorite gamer hot-spots, discoveries, and events in the New York City area to turn my fellow gamers on to some good finds.

Hopefully I will not procrastinate in my posting, but I apologize if I do. Aaaaah, so many games, so little time. Ya know what I mean!

screenshot from SWTOR


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