While many gamers know me as SpikePsyche, I am known in the real world as Jeffrey Collins-Harper. I’m proud to say I’ve been a “gamer” since the days before the term was applied to people who played video games. I have been an avid video gamer since the first system (yes, I had Pong!). These were the days of my first PC, a TRS-80, and D&D was a paper game with an underground following. I remember when arcade video games started invading my old pinball arcade hangout, and many quarters were invested in Asteroids, Galaxian, Galaga, Gorf, etc. I’ve been hooked ever since, having owned and/or played most every home console since.

My childhood was spent in the Bahamas and Florida, and my adult life has taken me around the country, and for the last two decades I have resided in what I feel is the greatest city on Earth – New York City. My professional life has consisted of being an educator, performing artist, and most currently a restaurant manager in Times Square. An occupation I kind of fell into, and I feel another career change is imminent – hopefully something in the tech field.

My interests (other than video games, of course) include physics, mathematics, anthropology, archeology, languages, performing arts, science fiction, and fantasy. I also enjoy the New York City nightlife and live music events.

I am a proud member of Mensa, and enjoy meeting like-minded individuals and expanding my social network.


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