Continuing to Impress – Ragnarok Odyssey (Japanese release)

I just have to add to my previous review: This game is awesome! At least it is in Japanese, a language which I embarrassingly admit to knowing next to nothing. (All the Japanese I know is from watching Kill Bill, anime, and Kurosawa films. A fact which I intend on remedying soon.)

As I mentioned before, it is a testament to a good game its ease of learning when you can pick up a game in a language you do not know and intuit the mechanics and enjoy it. This is the case with RO. This is easily one of the most addictive games I have played in a while.

There have been several updates to the game since I started playing, all of which have tweaked the online features. Because of my ignorance of the language, I hadn’t really experimented with the online… until last night. I wasn’t sure, but I had surmised, that a certain dialog was referring to entering a game lobby in the tavern and inviting players to come along on a mission. And I was right! Much to my elation, a few Japanese gamer brethren joined my party and we rocked some monsters! Although there was some lag in the gameplay, it did not detract from it at all. I was quite impressed to play this Japanese game in America on Japanese servers with people on the other side of the world with little or no problems. And as for the obvious language barrier, the game has quite a few animated emoticons that your character can use to communicate with others, breaking down the language barrier. If they get the localization right for the North American release, this should be the game to own for Vita owners; it already is in my book.

Vita owners, I recommend pre-ordering this title. Or if you can’t wait (like me), get the Japanese import. If you can’t find a copy of the import, let me take this opportunity to refer you to one of my fave places, Video Games New York.


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